Funny, touching and tearful!

This book couldn’t be more timely for all of us who are the in-between generation. I was immediately immersed in the lives of these delightful women - you feel like you’re traveling with the four friends as they tell their stories. And as an extra bonus I discovered there really is a Garden of Eden in Florida. Don’t miss this charming taste of the South.

–– Martha Powers, author of Conspiracy of Silence, Death Angel, Bleeding Heart and Sunflower

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Format: Paperback

I am always in awe of co-authored books. I mean, who decides what gets edited out and what will make it to print! With Last Stop Paradise, Karlene Conroy and Mia Crews certainly found the perfect writing formula. Hailing from a small town in Florida myself, those of us ensconced here (in paradise) can't help but read dialogue in a southern drawl. We're just hard wired that way, I guess. An interesting "what if" about the Garden of Eden too.

A curious blending of characters, aside from the women, I was intrigued with Marcus (the weasel) and the secrets and lies that accompanied him like a bad appendage; Enchanted with Logan, the lover, but most of all, I felt the bond of the abiding friendship cementing together the lives of the four traveling southern women.

A book of intrigue and mystery, I found it to be well written with clever chapter titles and with a story line that ebbed and flowed in just the right places to keep my attention. Loved the trip to Georgia ... after all, who doesn't love a story with strong heroines who get their revenge in such delicious ways. (For God's sake, I sure as heck don't have your fifty thousand dollars!!!)

And I loved the last line (which was sheer perfection): "Here's to our circle of friendship with no end."
                                                         — Caroline McKeon - author of The Rockstar and The Fan